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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Well the Fever series is most definitely a wild ride. You begin with book one, Mac 1.0, and want to strangle the immature pink pretty girl. Unfortunately, this book can cause you to not want to read any further in the series, which would mean you would be missing out on mind bending craziness courtesy of KMM. I stopped after book one, convinced I would never like Mac, but have no fear--Mac 1.0 eventually becomes Mac 5.0 and performs a 180 on her maturity and attitude in general. I admit, I love this series now and I will re-read it. I look forward to when the paperback of Shadowfever comes out so I have an excuse to take the entire journey once more.

As for Shadowfever, Mac having killed Barrons is a bit heart-wrenching, but in a "he has to come back in some way no way in hell could Barrons be dead for book 5" way! We come to find what Barrons is in this book, although how he became this beast or any other such details are still left unknown. KMM is working on another series set in the Fever world--I can only hope that remaining questions will be answered in this series. I also hope the series still focuses on Mac--is that too much to ask for? Just please do not make it in the mind of Dani KMM, every time you are subjected to her meandering, fecking thoughts it is almost enough to drive you nuts.

In the end, the world is saved...well not really, but saved from the Sinsar Dubh at least. I did not enjoy the little pages of "conversations" with the Sinsar Dubh which were included in the book, I felt them unnecessary. I also did not care for the Dani Daily inputs, they were similar to being in Dani's mind--not overly pleasant.

I must confess to having a bit of the love others have for Barrons as well. He really is hard to hate, regardless of how many reasons he may give you in the series. I may be a teensy bit jealous of Mac, but both her and Barrons are fictitious so that makes it ok. Right?

I am sad to see the series end and I look forward to entering the world all over again and seeing what nuances I may have missed along the way. Hopefully this will not be the last of Mac and Barrons.....