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Sex on Earth: A Celebration of Animal Reproduction
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Thorn Queen

Thorn Queen - I enjoyed this installment of the Dark Swan series, just not quite as much as Storm Born. Eugenie is conflicted a great deal in this book, literally torn between two different worlds and two different males as well. I must say I grew to dislike Kiyo significantly in this book and was left wanting Dorian to show up at every corner. The people in Eugenie's life that insist she forget about the Otherworld irritate me to no end as they seem to utterly forget she is only half human and they are insulting her as well. As expected, this simply adds to Eugenie's anguish. Dorian's actions near the end of the book confirmed my being in his corner and I only hope Mead does not completely destroy this relationship in Iron Crowned--Mead does, after all, enjoy doing crazy things in her book threes!