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Blood of the Demon (Kara Gillian, Book 2)

Blood of the Demon - Diana Rowland I really enjoyed the first installment of this series, Mark of the Demon, however, Blood of the Demon fell short of the first. At least half of the book felt a bit "off" and Kara Gillian herself seemed to have regressed in maturity. At times I wondered whether I was reading a YA novel considering the comments Kara was making. I was very disappointed with the character of Kara the most, especially since she is the key to the entire book. I also am becoming extremely annoyed at the mystery behind Ryan's abilities or who he is in general. I think it would be best to just reveal who he is instead of the constant mystery behind it all, it is growing old. Plus this juvenile behavior Kara exhibits, at least in her mind, towards Ryan is ridiculous. As for the mystery aspect of this book, in this one it felt a bit chaotic. I will keep reading the series, I just wish this one had been up to par.