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Succubus Blues

Succubus Blues  - Richelle Mead 3.5 stars

I enjoyed meeting Mead's character of Georgina Kincaid. She is a rather hesitant succubus, which makes a much better novel than a succubus who was constantly out and about stealing life energies. I was not a big fan on the background material for the killer in the book, namely the quotes she used from the bible, to solidify the storyline.* I understood it, just did not much care for it (and hope this is the last time in the series I will have to deal with it). The range of characters in the book was nice, I rather liked Roman so I was quite torn at the end. There were a few slow parts in the book for me, but overall it was enjoyable. I look forward to further storylines involving Seth, he has great potential as a character.

*Note: Mead has a degree in comparative religion and sometimes it sneaks into her books. She doesn't preach by any means, but sometimes I wish she would invent the history of the characters rather than using the history invented in the bible (which can then have the characters feel like they have religious undertones).