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Storm Born (Dark Swan, Book 1)

Storm Born - Richelle Mead I greatly enjoyed Mead's Vampire Academy series and wondered whether I would enjoy her "adult" fiction. Just as in her VA series, Mead's writing style is laid back and accessible without superfluous information dragging the storyline down. Mead injects much-welcomed humor into the characters in the Dark Swan series and it makes it that much more highly enjoyable.

Eugenie is a tough but socially awkward "hero" in the book and she was quite likeable in my opinion. She has obvious duality in her life and this causes a great deal of expected mental anguish. Sometimes she acts without thinking, but what good is a character who isn't flawed? Both lead male characters are alluring and charming in their own ways and do make the book that much more entertaining.

Side note: Many reviews have complained about the supposed S&M or bondage which occurs in the book. Sexually related bondage only occurs one time in the entire book. I think only the prudish would take offense to the inclusion. These individuals I would consider sexually repressed and perhaps in need of some bondage themselves.