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The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory When it comes to history I have always tended towards places such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Russia. I've never had much interest in England as a whole and little interest in the royalty. However, Gregory's novel regarding Henry VIII and the Boleyn family was extremely interesting and left me wanting to learn and read more of Henry VIII, especially those surrounding him.

Gregory's novel is drama-filled, much I would imagine the royal court would have been like. Gregory's writing keeps you glued to the book, wanting to know what happens next. Henry VIII was portrayed as a lustful man-child and I cannot say that I much liked his character (or perhaps his person). Mary Boleyn is clearly a pawn to her family, as is everyone else in the family, however, she seems to dislike it the most. You feel sorry for Mary's position in her life until she takes a hold of it for herself. Anne, however, leaves you seething with anger and wondering when they will finally just behead her. However, when that moment comes you do end up feeling sorry for her, because overall she was just a pawn of her family as well, although she was rather a tyrant regardless.

The "logic" of the time is confounding to me, especially when it comes to sexual relations. I especially "loved" that a woman must be married in order to have sex with the king without there being an issue. No, she did not have be married to the king, but to a fool who would let her sleep with others. But the king sleep with a woman who is single?! How dare he! It hurts my head just trying to understand their insanity.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Gregory's novel and look forward to learning more about this insane royalty.