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Queen of Camelot

Queen of Camelot - Nancy McKenzie This novel of the Arthurian legend is told strictly from Guinevere’s point of view. Being relatively new to the Arthurian legend, I greatly enjoyed the twists and turns and good and evil aspects running throughout the book. The way the novel is told is haunting and eloquent, without being pretentious. In the end, the novel is about individuals trying to fight fate and ultimately failing, perhaps because they fight fate.

The love between Gwen and Arthur is heartfelt, as is the love between Gwen and Lancelot. Throughout the novel you are torn between the two men as a reader, allowing you a glimpse at what Gwen would have gone through being surrounded by the larger-than-life men. However, I do question whether Arthur’s acceptance of the love between Gwen and Lancelot is too beyond reality to be fully accepted. His acceptance contradicts the belief at the time that women were to be faithful and the men could create bastards left and right.

The only true weakness I felt the book had was a slightly rushed ending. Since it was told from Gwen’s point of view she had to obtain information from sources other than herself understandably, but I was left with questions unanswered due to this. Although the character of Gwen was left with questions as well I suppose.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful novel.