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Silent Images: Women in Pharaonic Egypt

Silent Images: Women in Pharaonic Egypt - Zahi A. Hawass The photos in this book were largely beautiful and brought Ancient Egypt to life. However, I found the text itself to be dull and at times repetitive. Also, I felt that there was no comfortable flow to the book, which was part of the cause of repetition. Some of the things discussed seemed placed there to bulk up the book rather than to really add anything to the intended purpose of the book--to shed light on the lives of women in Ancient Egypt. Perhaps the lack of information overall lead to the flaws in the book. I think there could have been more significant background material provided when detailing particular women in history, the summaries felt forced and left me with no true feeling of the women he was discussing. Also, I could not help but get the impression that not only is Hawass very proud of his Egyptian heritage, but perhaps nearly in an arrogant sort of way. Although whether he has true proof of his heritage dating back to Ancient Egypt is unknown to me, but the likelihood is slim considering all of the many foreigners which have conquered the land since. But I digress, he is one of the best Egyptologists...even if it may have gone to his head.