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Dates From Hell

Dates From Hell - Kelley Armstrong, Lynsay Sands, Lori Handeland 2.5 Stars

As will seemingly all anthologies, this compilation was hit and miss. By far the best story was the one by Kelley Armstrong. I loved seeing another side to the outcast werewolf Karl Marsten from Bitten/The Otherworld Series. The next best story was the one by Kim Harrison, although I had difficulty adjusting to her writing style. Perhaps I should have read her Hollows series before this story to have adjustment time. The Sands story lost me entirely at the beginning when the story began in an animal vivisection laboratory. Sorry Sands, you may have lost me forever after this story and the mediocre A Quick Bite. Handleland's story was forgettable and did not interest me. Armstrong definitely carried this compilation.