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Olivia and Jai

Olivia And Jai - Rebecca Ryman This novel was well-written and written in a style that would make one believe it was actually written around the time the events in the novel occurred. However, it was not done in a stuffy, dull sort of way as so many novels from the era have been written. The characters immediately grab you and make you want to read more about their lives and about what is to come.

The first half of the novel I would call the Indian Gone With The Wind. It definitely had the feel of that novel and the characters reminded me of some of those in GWTW as well. However, the main male character, Jai, is more like a hot-tempered, neurotic version of Rhett Butler. Although the two characters do share similarities. Olivia, on the other hand, is an outspoken (for the time) woman raised in America whose breeding bothers all the uppity English who have taken up residence in India. Had Olivia's character not been American and her own individual, this novel would have never worked. Olivia does share similarities with Scarlett, although Olivia is more mature and less emotional than Scarlett.

The second half of the novel I would call Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Oh yes, the last half of the novel is definitely paybacks for the shocking twist which comes about 1/3 way into the novel. This half was not quite as entertaining as the first, although many many more twists and events occur in the second half. But, there is also much discussion about business and trivial things (like paragraphs about food being served) which brings down the novel in the second half. Overall, though, I greatly enjoyed the novel and it was a solid 4.5.