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The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel - Diana Gabaldon, Hoang Nguyen Since I have never read a graphic novel I did find the putting of a novel I have read into graphic novel form to be interesting. However, I wasn't overly enthralled with it. I had issues with both the story and the art, but mostly the art work.

But first the story. I found it odd that the cover of the novel states that it is Jamie's side of the story, but the intro states that it is from Murtagh's point of view. I did not feel as though much was added to Jamie's story and it was, aside from a few scenes, largely not from Murtagh's point of view but identical to Outlander. Yes, there were some things which Murtagh sees which we never knew about but these are minimal.

I did not like the addition of Kenneth, especially since he was not even in Outlander. The addition of Kenneth felt forced and unnecessary. Overall, the story did not feel like an addition to Outlander, just Outlander in a different format. Although it was nice to have an answer regarding the mysterious French girl and Jamie. I also feel like one would have to have read Outlander to understand this graphic novel fully.

As for the art work, many of the drawings were beautiful, but mostly towards the beginning of the novel. It was almost as if the artist grew more tired the longer the novel went on and it showed in his work. The art work, overall, was terribly inconsistent. One of my biggest (literally) gripes was the fact that Claire's cleavage grew seemingly from scene to scene. The size and coverage of her cleavage was ridiculous and never seemed accurate aside from when she first came through the stones. And why is it that such a small portion of her cleavage was covered? I don't recall this in Outlander but if this was the case no wonder they thought she was a prostitute! Ridiculous!

Profile shots were absolutely poorly done to the degree where you would never have guessed they were drawn by the same artist. The scenes immediately before the explanation of the French girl were well done and then the French scenes were horrific. The difference between the two pages was alarming. Also, the landscape shots did not scream Scotland at all.

Jamie is supposed to be clearly identifiable but was not shortly into the story and all of the characters began blending together. Sometimes you weren't even certain who was speaking based on the drawings. Also, Jamie looks younger the longer the novel goes along, not like the Jamie from the first few pages (which felt accurate).

DG's inclusion at the end felt like an apology for the problems in the novel. Almost like she was saying "I tried to have control over the artist, I just clearly had none."

Overall, I did enjoy the book but the inconsistency drove me crazy. Had the artistry been at a higher level or the story been more new and interesting, it would have received a higher rating. I will say this for the novel though, it left me wanting to read Outlander again, if only to clear my head of Kenneth and Claire's cleavage.