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The Falcons of Montabard

The Falcons of Montabard - Elizabeth Chadwick I have to say that I was ambivalent regarding this book the entire time reading it. I had heard good things about the author and this particular book so I was hopeful. However, in the end the book just did not interest me enough. The first part of the book was promising, however, the middle and end did not live up to that promise. The last few chapters of the book were especially disappointing for me, as was the overall ending. I felt no connection to the characters and overall they were rather dull. Sabin was the best character but he seemed to have lost all "life" once he resolved his bad-boy ways. I did not enjoy the way in which fighting scenes were written or the way in which the overall writing seemed disjointed. It seemed as if the book was either in the doldrums or involved in oddly-written fighting scenes.

While I found the wedding of the two main characters believeable, I did not feel the love that was supposedly there. The author tried to convey that there was "longing" of Sabin for Annais prior to coming together, although that would be difficult to prove. There were moments where the love was believeable but they were fleeting. Also, I found it extremely tiresome the way in which the author insisted on repeating certain circumstances--such as Annais being "convent-raised". After about the tenth time I would hope the reader would have understood the fact of Annais' raising. Also, I understand the time period of the book but I found "God" to play too large a part in the writing style. I doubt you could go two pages without someone muttering something about God in various forms. That on top of the constant convent repition annoyed me a great deal.

Apparently the story was written based on true events and I can't help but think that a non-fiction book about the events would have been more interesting. It seems as though others who have disliked this book have enjoyed other Chadwick books, so I have not given up on the author altogether. Overall 2.5/5 stars.