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Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir

Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir - Liz Prince Overall I enjoyed the message of Tomboy, but I was largely bored. I am not really a fan of graphic novels in general so that does skew my opinion a bit. I did think the book was too long, especially as much of the content took too long to get to the "point" of the inclusion or lacked a reason. Personally I felt it lacked depth and only had a handful of meaningful moments and statements. Yes, the message was good but the extent of the trivial elements made me lose interest. Also, I found the graphic novel rather juvenile when it did not need to be even in order for a juvenile to read it. A great message, but could have been stronger. I still think anyone who considered themselves a tomboy at some point should give it a try.

"The slew of fairy tales and Disney movies I consumed presented women in need of a savior." p33

Regarding swimming in a t-shirt: "It takes the fun out of swimming and puts a visual metaphor to the burdens of negative body image." p94

"Do you hate girls? Or do you hate the expectations put on girls by society?" p211