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Just One Night

Just One Night - Gayle Forman This short story in this duology should really only be read by genuine fans of the first two books. Unfortunately I had mixed feelings for book one and could not come to care at all in book two. This short is a one-day window into what happened immediately after Just One Year.

Overall I just could not come to care about either of the main characters in these books. That being said, the writing in Just One Night proved rather awkward and poor. You were certainly kept at a distance from the characters, which I found strange considering it was a romance and aren't they supposed to tug at the heart strings etc? How can they do that when the characters are meaningless to you?

Also, why did the author feel the need to include such ridiculous coincidences? Was it to somehow imply that these two were "fated"? Really? So not only were they at the same random party in Mexico of all places, but the girl showing up on the doorstep thing happened identically to Willem's parents? Even in the same apartment? SERIOUSLY? WHY? What I love is that Willem's parents end up separated so I guess these two will be too, wait no, it is fate for them. Okay then.

I'm glad it is all over.