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The Too-Clever Fox

The Too-Clever Fox - Leigh Bardugo This short story is suddenly getting a lot of attention on GR and I do not quite understand why. For me, The Too-Clever Fox was nothing to write home about and did not even feature terribly memorable writing. I think overall I just do not care for Bardugo's writing as I was not a fan of Shadow and Bone either (or the inaccuracies when it came to Russian elements).

This novel features talking nonhuman animals, which was an immediate red flag for me. I have never been terribly entertained by "talking animal" books or movies, to me making these beings too human does nonhuman animals a disservice. Also, the destruction and evils contained in the book mirrored the real world of hunting and killing in general for me to get "lost" in the story. The element regarding the fox stuck in a trap was treated too lightly I felt, and the torment with the knife was just too much to tolerate.

Overall the fairy-tale aspect made me feel as though I've read this story a hundred times, rendering the story even further uninteresting for me. I was not a fan of this short, simply put.