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Men Who Wish to Drown

Men Who Wish to Drown - Elizabeth Fama, Anna Balbusso 2.5 stars

Men Who Wish to Drown was a rather well-written story, it is quite readable. I did, however, feel as though the story itself could have been stronger and the ending more firm. What exactly was the author getting at with the witch not having the "power of prophecy"? I cannot help but feel I could take this turn of events a multitude of ways and I wish there was firm answer. So Resolved actually chose the "plain" wife on his own? The "hag" was lying? Which? I also disliked the inclusion of the whaling vessel and subsequent brutal hunting of the whale.

It is a seemingly eternal death, and strangely intimate; there is no escape from the horror, for the hunter or the pursued.

Oh yes, I feel so sorry for the hunter. Whatever.

Overall the short story did make me intrigued as to the main novel, although it does have mixed reviews.