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Goddess of Yesterday: A Tale of Troy

Goddess of Yesterday: A Tale of Troy - Caroline B. Cooney I found the main character of Goddess of Yesterday to be quite annoying and inconsistent. Unfortunately this was due in large part to the writing, which was stilted, choppy at times and just bland overall. The book begins with Anaxander being six, however, neither her voice nor the writing improve when she doubles in age. Overall Anaxander was too naive and intolerable for this reader. I especially found her Medusa impression to be beyond belief, even in this fantastical telling. Anaxander comes across somewhat fearful in temperament and is supposedly fearful of octopuses. But suddenly she puts a live octopus on her head and scares off murdering/pillaging pirates with almost no thought. That was a bit too much in my opinion and it was not believable for the character. (Not to mention all of the men believing it and running in fear was over the top as well, even in a time of belief in crazy gods.)

An example of the bland writing:

Steps would make it too easy for pirates. Father knew because he was one. He loved to tell about the towns he had sacked and burned. We had many slave women he had brought back. The men he couldn't keep, because they knew hoe to use weapons and were too dangerous. p2

One of may passages that were dull and stilted. Also, I love the casual sexist remark as well in this one. Women are incapable of using a rock or knife etc. now? Seriously? I don't think I would have liked this one even when I myself was six.