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Side Effects May Vary

Side Effects May Vary - Julie    Murphy This was a miss for me entirely. The premise is interesting and it compelled me to read further into the book than warranted because I kept thinking there would be interesting developments. There were no interesting developments, unless you count the major, highly unlikely and eyeroll-worthy event at the end in which Alice actually does something nice for someone else. *gasp*

Alice is not likable, which would have been fine if she had grown as an individual as the book went on but she didn't. Alice was an even bigger ass after her diagnosis and even her remission than before. She seeks revenge in ridiculous, asshole-esque and absolutely over the top ways while also bringing Harvey into it. Harvey, by the way, does not have a distinguishable voice and was not convincing as a male. I also think that Harvey was an absolute idiot for staying by Alice's side despite no reason to do so. Sadly, Harvey's numerous attempts to actually grow a spine resulted in nothing and the ending made it pretty clear he was never going to grow one.

No redeeming characters, bullying, characters needing severe spine operations and an ending that was atrocious is what you will get. There was nothing redeeming in this book as a reader for me.