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The Summer I Wasn't Me

The Summer I Wasn't Me - Jessica Verdi I felt as though The Summer I Wasn't Me had the potential to be an interesting examination of this absurd idea of "praying the gay away". Unfortunately I was immediately struck by the author's too casual approach to the topic and the simplifying of issues. (Although I suppose if you are dealing with characters that believe you can PRAY away being gay, they really are simple as in ignorant, stupid etc.)

I tried to get on board with Lexi but I found it incredibly difficult. I understand if you come from a bigoted small town, a bigoted church and a mother that is, you guessed it, also a bigot, you're bound to want to change. I had no problem with the fact that Lexi would like to change in order to be accepted by her mother, the last hope to "save" her family. What I could not get on board with was Lexi's ability to actually believe it was possible to eliminate this part of her, a very intricate and important for self-awareness, part of her. Comparing being gay to being a sickness as the idiots at the anti-gay camp did seem to hit home for Lexi, like she was committed to clinging to that idea for dear life. *sigh* I just could not make heads or tails of Lexi, she seemed comfortable being gay but more than willing to destroy who she was to make bigots happy while also buying into the bullshit. I just...


I also saw the ending coming from extremely early and rather than tormenting myself with the entire novel I read the ending and was confirmed right.

This book could have been so much better but the causal stance and frustrating main character made me abandon it. (Although other reviews clearly indicated that the novel held more frustrating and disturbing material, also taken casually. I made a good choice in abandoning this one.)