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The Deep End of the Sea

The Deep End of the Sea - Heather Lyons *sigh* This book genuinely started off good, really good. I immediately liked Medusa and the life she had formed for herself on her isolated island. I loved the snakes on the top of her head and the relationship she had with them. The author set it up so that Medusa was able to be in touch, albeit from a distance, with the modern world and it worked. Overall Medusa came across as a strong, realistic narrator and I really looked forward to where the story would lead.

Sadly, for me this all came to an end when the curse is lifted (happens before a quarter in and is alluded to in the summary so hopefully anyone reading this won't see it as a spoiler). What I personally would have thought to be the ultimate climax of the story was the very near the beginning and it was downhill from there. It went from a fascinating analysis of a mythological curse's impact specifically on Medusa to a romance. Oy. Between the lovey dovey eyeroll worthy romantic scenes to the gods and goddesses acting far too modern, I was no longer a happy reader. Sure, the gods could be modern, but their characters almost never exuded their god status. In fact, I would say they came across completely human with random moments of power and ultimately this bored me. If you offer me gods, I want GODS. There simply wasn't much to distinguish the gods from each other or modern day regular humans. Also, "good" and "bad" gods were far too black and white, I wanted more complexity.

While I ultimately never came to dislike Medusa, I did come to miss her isolation on her island and her head of snakes. Moving the book from Gorgona to Olympus proved to ruin the interesting, mythological story and turn it into a rather typical romance. However, I did think the treatment of Medusa's rape and ultimate PTSD were well done.

Overall I really thought I was going to love this book but it was not meant to be. The beginning is strong but ultimately I failed to be wooed by the gods.