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Stolen Songbird

Stolen Songbird - Danielle L. Jensen Stolen Songbird was a very enjoyable read. Both main characters, Cecile and Tristan, were likable and the secondary characters were well-drawn. The setting of the story, the remains of a crumbling mountain with only magic holding it up, was unique and it offered different elements than conventional fantasy tales generally contain. I do, however, feel that that the persistent darkness without the magical lights was not felt terribly strongly at times and I would have to be reminded that they are, in fact, in very low to no light conditions.

As far as the romantic element went, I did feel as though it was borderline instalove. This is only due to the fact that while much time passes in the pages, the interactions were limited and generally negative (even if in fact they were a ruse). Cecile's inability to imagine her life without Tristan seemed a tad bit overboard to me. But, that's me and I can see the romantic element in it.

I did greatly enjoy the little indications that there is a great deal more to this world than currently meets the eye. The future involvement of the summer and winter fae seems imminent, as does increased magical elements. I rather look forward to the second book and the teaser 0.5 short!