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Say What You Will

Say What You Will - Cammie McGovern The two books mentioned in the blurb, The Fault In Our Stars and Eleanor & Park, I was certainly a fan of but I cannot say the same for this one. I honestly did not see a similarity with either of the two books, especially as both of those featured genuinely likable characters and good writing.

One of the major issues I had with this book was the poor, uninspired writing. No, it certainly was not the worst I have seen but it was nothing to write home about by any means. The writing did not help make either of the main characters likable. Overall, the two main characters were unlikable, selfish, annoying and self-absorbed. Sounds like a fun read right?

I suppose I was meant to be emotionally manipulated into caring about the characters due to their individual issues, it just did not work on me. Just because someone has an issue of some kind does not eliminate them from being seen as likable or unlikable. It also did not help that despite the individual issues, the book was plastered with cliches.

One of the cliches? The extremely unlikely and contrived event that occurs to Amy. A pregnancy? REALLY? Why the bloody hell would that be the choice the author made? Of all the things she could have done she chose for this girl to get pregnant and rush to an ending? Really? Not to mention all of the ridiculousness surrounding the pregnancy, like her apparent ability to hide it or be hidden out by someone. *sigh*

Overall Say What You Will simply did not work for me.