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Nameless: The Darkness Comes (The Bone Angel Trilogy, #1)

Nameless: The Darkness Comes (The Bone Angel Trilogy, #1) - Mercedes M. Yardley This was an entertaining novel overall but it was not without its flaws. I found the first half of the novel to be stronger than the second half, mainly because it lost much of its snark and sarcasm. Unlike a lot of novels, Nameless managed to have a snarky/sarcastic lead character in Luna without beating us over the head with it and generally overdoing it. But this was not kept consistent in the novel, the second half featured much more drama and a tedious amount of Luna not listening.

I did feel as though the plot progression was slowed by Luna refusing to listen to advice or information, especially from Mouth (demon). But at the same time this was clearly used as a plot device to slow information reveals and to prevent action from happening too fast. This was quite frustrating as a reader, especially all the moments such as "you shouldn't trust THIS one" yadda yadda only to not find out why for far too long.

The love interest held no appeal to me despite how many times Luna felt the need to mention the color of his eyes. Reed's "gorgeous" (Luna's favorite adjective but not her only) eyes became increasingly annoying to hear about. Can't we just say EYES at some point? No matter the situation gorgeous/beautiful etc. was still thrown in there. Also? Were we really supposed to like Reed? Sure he came across fine but who would want him after you-know-who? The whole storyline of Luna falling for the man that was responsible for Seth's (her brother) wife leaving in a way was annoying. Of all the men in the world you want that woman's ex? I also didn't feel there was much believability in the love the two shared.

I also had some difficulty keeping interest in the main storyline involving Luna's niece. Children don't hold any appeal to me and the over the top talk of "Luna Mama" and "Sweet Girl" (actually capitalized too) was tedious. Had it been the same storyline without all the mushy stuff towards her niece it probably would have been better. I just felt as though there was too much drama with the victim being related to Luna. I would have preferred someone more distant so the second half wasn't so bogged down with drama.

I did enjoy the demons and a number of them were fittingly creepy. However, I wish there was more explanation of the "world" regarding the demons and what/how they are and so forth.

Overall an entertaining read but nothing terribly deep. It definitely had its flaws for me as a reader but I will read the next book.