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A Mad, Wicked Folly

A Mad, Wicked Folly - Sharon Biggs Waller Overall I was not impressed by A Mad, Wicked Folly. I did not feel as though the writing was terribly strong or memorable. The same holds true for the main character, Victoria. She was seemingly advertised as a suffragist or at the very least a feminist, but she was in fact not. Victoria was often idiotic and not nearly as headstrong as I would have liked. She only happens to fall into the suffragist movement in the early 20th Century England by chance and convenience. Other characters in the novel proved more likable and interesting, such as Lucy or the real-life Pankhursts.

Victoria was not the quickest protagonist I've encountered, she took far too long to realize many things. Ultimately she seemed surprised she had feelings for Will, despite it being blatantly clear for pages and pages and pages. I rather wish she had just said "screw you" to her family and fiance, although I know it was outside the norm of the time period. However, she was surrounding herself with suffragists so you would think she'd gain some more headstrong characteristics, but no. I would have had more respect for her as a character if she would have just followed her heart with a big middle finger to everyone else.

As far as the setting, I was never really convinced it was England in 1909. Most things in the novel felt surface-level rather than having true depth. I would have preferred a more elaborate setting to get lost into, to feel the situation at hand. Unfortunately I felt more strongly Victoria's need to be artistic and speak of art more than anything else. While I appreciate pursuing the arts, I found it a bit tedious to continually hear about it. It made Victoria seem rather one-note.

While the love triangle was annoying, one of the highlight characters for me was Will. He was charming and quiet in his way, but ultimately written in a very likable manner.

Overall, I think A Mad, Wicked Folly had great potential but ultimately failed to have a compelling main character.