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The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body

The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body - Cameron Diaz Well curiosity got the best of me when it came to The Body Book. While perusing a local library ebook selection I saw this was available and was wondering what the hell Cameron Diaz could possibly have to say about our bodies. I figured it was another celebrity diet etc. book but the sub-title made me wonder. While I appreciate Cameron Diaz as an actress, I do feel as though this book was rather pointless. It is one big pep talk for people to take better care of their bodies. For one, I don't like pep talks and two, I'm a health-conscious vegan with a biology degree--not exactly her target audience. I would like to say that Diaz differentiates herself from other books out there but honestly her voice was not unique in the health world and aside from the brief mentions of her time on sets and such you would have no idea this was even written by Diaz specifically.

Overall this book is geared towards the scientifically illiterate and unhealthy people--lucky for Diaz that is the majority of the American population. So I do think that she could have success, but I don't think she includes anything that you could not find by doing a little research yourself. Google, people, GOOGLE. It really is extremely easy to find all of the information included in this book, diagrams and healthy food lists and all. This really is a layman approach to the science of the body and maybe it will educate people who would otherwise never know what a cell is (the number of people highlighting this definition on the kindle version is enough to make me cry) or would perhaps think logically about eating (funny how fast food isn't great for your body).

Overall Diaz compiled Google searches that you could do on your own and helped educate the population about the body. I commend her for that but there is nothing new here, at least not for me. If you are a Diaz fan, scientifically illiterate or seriously need a pep talk, then this book may be for you.

As a side note: Not all of the healthy suggestions in the book are actually terribly healthy, some of which may be a matter of opinion (I of course would never recommend chicken as a healthy part of your diet--even minus the animal rights issues--as soon as you slap that dead muscle on flame you are creating carcinogens. Enjoy.). But one that irked me was Diaz suggesting chugging a huge amount of water upon waking. You shouldn't chug water, it does little for the body--you mostly just pee it out without gaining benefits or detoxing the body. But if you're going to chug anything, water would be the best.