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The Raging Quiet

The Raging Quiet - Sherryl Jordan The Raging Quiet seemed like a read that I would greatly enjoy, especially as it was a historical fiction novel. However, for me the novel proved to impress, especially as the historical aspect was in an unnamed, scattered across time setting. Overall the novel was very predictable, I rarely ever purposely try to predict events in a book and I held true to that here but everything was so blatantly obvious that I could not enjoy it. While the characters were interesting, I felt as though they were largely one-dimensional and I could not come to care for them. I did oddly enough like the priest the most, however, I could have greatly done without all of the religious nonsense in the book (in large part prevented my enjoyment). The ignorance and fear-mongering of the townspeople was real-to-life in witch trial days and even today, sadly, but this just proved to irritate me further. Between the fear-mongering, idiotic people, religious aspects and predictability I found it difficult to enjoy the deaf theme throughout the novel (the only highlight for me). I think a more focused story between Marnie and Raven would have be preferable, especially if one omitted the witch trial atmosphere.