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Warprize - Elizabeth Vaughan 2.5 stars

Warpize is a mixed bag, the first half I found to be pretty strong and engrossing but I became nearly uninterested in the second half. Lara, the main character, comes across as a stronger character in the first half and the aspect of her doing her healing craft was a strength as well. I genuinely liked her interactions with her patients and her treatment of the enemy.

Unfortunately once Lara is "exchanged" for peace and goes to live with the Plains people, the story isn't quite as strong. Keir, the love interest, is not well-characterized despite all of the time Lara spends in his presence. Lara also never seems to try harder to understand or get to know Keir despite his warmth towards her. Other characters, such as Marcus and Simus, are more thoroughly characterized than the essentially secondary main character, which is unfortunate.

Another character that was not well-characterized was Lara's brother Xymund, the king. He seems to be evil for the sake of evil with little to no explanation. Despite this Lara continually refuses to believe that her half-brother could be involved in any of the attacks that occur on Keir and her. The possibility did not even seem to enter Lara's mind. Lara's stupidity rearing its ugly head in the second half was a further reason I was disappointed.

A big issue I had with Lara was her lack of question asking, despite the people around her being warm to her. When she finally does ask questions, they are about tattoos and such rather than what freaking Warprize means!! Why does it take her 2/3 of the book to ask THAT question? Oh, that's right, because the author chose to use it as a turning point in the book. Completely frustrating and irritating.

Warpize had a very good beginning but unfortunately for me it fizzled. I wish Lara had been as strong a character throughout rather than just with her healing. Keir felt like a good character in the making but the author chose not to fully realize his potential. I did, however, like the premise and the secondary characters.