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Evertrue  - Brodi Ashton Ugh. I have nothing positive to note about this book aside from the fact that the series is over. I expected a much better ending to the series than this, the second book felt like it was leading to a more impressive ending. But instead we received a bland plot, enormously irritating characters and crap when it came to mythology.

To summarize: Nikki is a selfish idiot who doesn't ask important questions, Jack acts like he has roid rage and continually threatens to kill the only person able to keep Nikki alive and Cole was treated like crap by the author and is essentially thrown to the side. Cole, sadly, is the most interesting character in the series and yet the author chose to destroy him in order to make it a fucking lovey dovey *vomit* fest between Nikki and Jack. I'm sorry, I have no interest in those two and especially not Jack. He is a one-dimensional character if I ever saw one.

The majority of the book and plot has characters running around accomplishing seemingly nothing with random "feedings" and eyeroll worthy interactions between Nikki and Jack. I was not rooting for the Everneath to be destroyed, I was hoping for the destruction of Nikki and Jack by mid-way through the novel.

An absolutely disappointing, dull and frustrating read.