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We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart Do you enjoy pretentiousness and excessive purple prose? Well this may just be the book for you. Unfortunately I hate both of those. The characters are unlikable, largely due to their poor us, we're so rich and well-off, but we're so very miserable anyway attitudes. Pretentious, so very pretentious. Even the "dramatic twist" near the end was rooted in pretentiousness. The "twist" doesn't even succeed in making you feel sorry for any of the characters, in fact it just makes you think they're even more stupid than you previously thought.

Also, the purple prose quality of the writing made it difficult to know what actually happens and what the overly dramatic MC is just being metaphorical regarding. This often occurred when she was speaking of being injured (at one point shot, others cut open etc etc). You would be left uncertain as to whether she was actually bleeding only to then be told someone bandaged her up. Honestly even stating that she was bandaged left me unconvinced that that was not also in fact purple prose. But in the end I did not really care, the characters and the plot left me completely dissatisfied. If you want to read Lockhart, I recommend her Ruby Oliver series instead.