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Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes Rebel Spring was interesting but there was not enough plot progression to satisfy and I often felt the writing and/or wording was a bit off. While I still like the character of Cleo, Jonas the rebellion leader also managed to make me like him in this installment. However, I cannot stand Magnus, the author obviously tries to make him a redeemable or sympathetic character but she utterly fails. Then we had the addition of more POVs in this one and it became entirely too many. It did not help that I find the "Sanctuary" and the Watchers to be dull, at least thus far. Essentially all that happens there is threatening words and stances and yadda yadda, do something or shut up. (Plus TWO Watchers fall for mortals, including one that seemingly nonchalantly becomes mortal to save her love interest. Eyeroll anyone?) Despite all of the viewpoints not much happened to each character if you break the book down. A lot of yelling, arguing and killing occurred though, the killing specifically happened quite a bit and felt unnecessary. Was Rhodes trying to conjure a war movie or something? Sorry but in a book like this deaths should propel the story forward but it never seemed to do so.

And all of the love interests? Seriously Rhodes? How many love triangles does an author feel compelled to create? Even when there weren't blatant feelings for one character by another, there were many implied potential affections even (such as between Cleo and Magnus...if the author puts them truly together there is no hope). If there wasn't a death in a chapter there was bound to be romantic feelings involved. *sigh*

Overall I expected more to come out of Rebel Spring but not a lot of forward momentum was gained by the plot. Deaths? Check. Tons of actual or implied feelings of love/lust etc.? Check. Ability to fully hold my attention? Not check. Overall Rebel Spring was an okay book but nothing terribly special.