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The Bull of Min

The Bull of Min - 'L.M. Ironside',  'Libbie Hawker' Possible spoilers, at least for book three.

Overall The Bull of Min was not only a continuation of book three but also a continuation of irritations for me as a reader. Neferure is yet again on the street corner yelling things about god and saving your soul (figuratively of course, though I wouldn't put it past her character to do it literally). I really wish she had just gone away.

The prologue of this book, while it confirmed suspicions from the ending of book three, was too drawn out and did not hold my interest. Also, as soon as I heard the name "Satiah" I knew the direction the author was going as I knew that was a name of one of Thutmose III's consorts. So I was in for yet another crazy manipulation of history by the author and the characters by Neferure. Needless to say I was not excited for the outcome.

While I still did not warm to Thut, I did appreciate that he seemed to regret sending Senenmut away. The direction Hatshepsut's character went was saddening, although I really have to question if the death situation in which she chooses to die so Thut will leave to secure Egypt would have been a choice she really would have made. Here I can accept the author's imagination, though I would prefer to think of her as a more stubborn, hold on till the end type.

The continuation of Neferure's presence also made there be a bit more baby drama, which I had really wished to escape by book four. Although I must note that I did in fact like the character of Meryet. Though I wasn't a fan of her doing this:

Meryet exhaled. She had not known she’d held her breath until Hatshepsut was gone.

Why? Just WHY? Stop with this authors! So many of you are guilty!

Overall I think Ironside is a good writer, The She-King just contained too many personal pet peeves and too much manipulation of history for my liking. I will, however, continue to read the author's works.