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Slammed - Colleen Hoover This is a contrived romance with enough emotional manipulation for 5 novels. Honestly I was wondering why the author didn't have everyone in the novel die? Would have been a better ending.

Not only is this not written well, but the MC is far too immature and ridiculous for me to tolerate. She literally throws temper tantrums! Why should I believe that this is a person capable of such a deep, can't-live-without-you love? She needs a binky, not a man. And I won't even bother discussing her stupid freakin' name (go ahead and try to figure out why she is called "Layken" *eyeroll*).

Instalove, perhaps one of the worst examples of it I have seen thus far, was the premise of this novel. Layken and Will knew each other a grand total of THREE days and one date, yet this time of knowing each other was meant to maintain the drama for the entire novel. Really? Is starting to like (yes, LIKE or LUST after) a guy after only one date really that fucking dramatic? No, no it is not unless you are mentally unstable...which, granted, I think Layken was considering everything. But what is Will's excuse? Oy.

And speaking of Will, were we supposed to like all of the "I want to but I can't" scenes? How many times can people almost feel each other up (or whatever they were going to do), only to have Will be like "I can't!"...holy shit, how annoying. Also? The "forbiddenness" of the relationship was just another ploy by the author, it never felt like a real obstacle. But judging by the market and the reviews on here, apparently this type of forbidden relationship crap sells books. Well bravo to you Hoover for giving everyone what they want: crap.

The poetry wasn't all that good, although it was better than the rest of the novel but clearly that isn't saying much.

Overall this novel was terrible, there was nothing redeemable about it. The only plus is that I don't have to read it again.